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"With Jessica's help we were able to quickly adjust to the 2009 seasonal difficulties and produce a clean and abundant crop. I highly recommend Ms. Cortell's consulting services for both new and established vineyards".

Jack La Rue, Owner - Holmes Gap Vineyard

"Our vineyard is new and in expanding stages where expert help is very much appreciated. We are fortunate to have met Jessica and work closely with her in all aspects of vineyard development, management and production. Jessica has a real passion for her work and we are pleased she is part of our team."

Craig Keeler

Keeler Estate Vineyard

"Jessica’s knowledge of the vines and how to grow them is a huge help for us. Her emphasis on growing for the best possible wine has changed our vineyard practices dramatically. In the past, we had a one-size-fits-all approach to our vines. We now evaluate and make decisions in a much more informed manner. Her commitment to the long-term vitality of our vineyard and the production of high quality fruit will have a big impact on our operation."

Tom Vail, Calamity Hill Vineyard and Farm, Amity

"If you are part of the vineyard and wine industry, you are a part of the

marketing world. Whether it is producing grapes or selling wine,

marketing is KING. Marketing can and does take many forms; it can be to

your financial institution, to a distributor, or to the winery

purchasing your grapes. You cannot do enough in terms of marketing.

Jessica Cortell gives you the provenance, the professionalism, the

expertise to present to any of these people. The wine industry is full

of people who "know it all".... but when push comes to shove, does the

guy in Detroit, Chicago, or L.A. know him.... ??

Jessica's knowledge, professionalism, expertise and Ph.D. goes with you

arm in arm and gives you credibility.... I encourage you to take it with

you to your next meeting."

Jack Hay

The Dalles